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South Holland joins the Straits Committee


The Straits Committee is pleased to announce that the Province of Zuid-Holland from the Netherlands has joined the Straits Committee to become its 7th full member. The decision was confirmed by the Straits Committee at their December 2021 meeting. Jeannette Baljeu, the regional minister for European and International Affairs, said: “We are looking forward to working with the coastal regions around the Straits of Dover, a collaboration of regions that have shown in the past that they have many points of contact.” 

With the accession to the Straits Committee, organisations in Zuid-Holland will be able to take part in the Straits Committee Small Project Initiative in 2022. The local authorities of the Straits Committee seek to promote cross-border cooperation on both sides of the strait by providing technical and financial support for local cross-border initiatives in various fields.  

With a population of 3.5 million people, the Province of Zuid-Holland is one of Europe’s top regions in terms of economic and social potential. A region known for its diversity of economically highly innovative sectors. The port of Rotterdam, the government city of The Hague, its universities and knowledge centres are known the world over.  Alongside these, Zuid-Holland has highly urbanised, rural, agricultural and recreational areas, and nature.  

The Straits Committee is a multilateral forum for dialogue, providing a flexible framework for its members to work together and for extending cooperation to local stakeholders. To find out more about Zuid-Holland’s decision to join the Straits Committee, check out the official Decision (in Dutch):  https://www.zuid-holland.nl/politiek-bestuur/bestuur-zh/gedeputeerde-staten/besluiten/besluit/toetreding-van-zuid-holland-tot-het-straits-comite 

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