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The small projects initiative


The local authorities of the Straits Committee seek to promote cross-border cooperation on both sides of the strait by providing technical and financial support for local cross-border initiatives in various fields. To do so, the small projects initiative has a budget of €30,000 per local authority. The local authorities participating in the call for proposals for 2021 are the Kent County Council, the Department of Pas-de-Calais, the Department of the Nord, the Province of West Flanders, the Province of East Flanders, and the Province of Zeeland.

The call for proposals

The small projects initiative supports organizations that would like to carry out a project within the framework of a cross-border partnership. Projects must be carried out in cooperation with at least two organizations based in two different countries of the territory covered by the Straits Committee, and may take place in one country only. However, there must be a real cross-border dimension.

Who can participate?

Whether you are an association, a school or an economic actor, any organization legally constituted and located in one of the territories of the Straits Committee, is eligible for the small projects initiative. Please consult your local authority’s rules for any exclusions that apply to the application.

Which projects are eligible?

The small projects initiative is open to any cross-border projects that involve at least two countries of the Straits Committee. Cooperation between organizations from different countries must be relevant and the beneficiaries of the action must be located in the territories of the Straits Committee local authorities. The theme is wide ranging, however projects in the following areas are particularly encouraged:

  • Innovative projects for a thriving economy;
  • Initiatives to address the challenges of climate change;
  • Initiatives aimed at young people
  • Projects that help building a gateway between the UK and the EU;
  • Projects supporting post-Covid 19 recovery.

For more information on these themes, please see the Straits Committee’s Vision and Strategy.

How to apply?

Organizations will complete a single application with their partners and will apply for funding from the local authority where they are based. The application will be written in French, Dutch or English, depending on the official language of the concerned local authority.

For example: a project carried out jointly by organizations from Pas-de-Calais, Kent and East Flanders will be submitted in French, English and Dutch to the local authority of the project applicant.

How are applications examined?

The project applicants can be accompanied before and during the drafting of their project by the officers of the different local authorities of the Straits Committee. The files are examined jointly and then submitted to the elected members of the Straits Committee for approval.

What is the timetable for the call for projects?

The small project initiative is open throughout the year 2021, without any deadline for submitting an application. However, please note that for this year, the next Executive Committee meeting of the elected representatives of the Straits Committee will be held in October 2021.

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