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Province of Zuid-Holland

1 Kings Commissioner, 6 deputies and 55 counsellors

Jeannette Baljeu, Regional Minister for European and International Affairs

3,7 million inhabitants


Province of Zuid-Holland

The province of Zuid-Holland is one of Europe’s top regions in terms of economic and social potential. Zuid-Holland is known for its mainport Rotterdam, advanced horticulture clusters, innovative businesses, internationally well-respected universities and knowledge institutes. In both urbanized and rural areas, one finds plenty of recreational activity.    

Zuid-Holland strives to become Europe’s real-life testing ground for innovation in fields such as the transition to a circular economy, reliable and clean transport, the protection of a densely populated delta against river and sea water, and the challenges related to feeding our cities.

Zuid-Holland and cross border cooperation  

The province of Zuid-Holland recognizes that in our society there are societal challenges, such as climate change and international mobility, that require or can benefit from cross-border cooperation. Therefore, we value working together in international networks with both or regional and international partners to foster knowledge exchange and international solutions for our common challenges.  

Zuid-Holland and the Straits Committee

Zuid-Holland is pleased to be a member of the Straits Committee and looks forward to work together with our neighbours. The Straits Committee allows Zuid-Holland to maintain good relationships with the regions along the Straits Channel. The Committee will reinforce those contacts now the United Kingdom has left the European Union. The Straits Committee is a fitting setting to keep working together on our shared challenges through knowledge-sharing and setting up projects between our stakeholders.   

Common work themes of particular interest for Zuid-Holland

Within Straits our focus is on economic development and climate, themes that do not stop at the border. The economy of Zuid-Holland is known for its strong top sectors, such as: maritime and harbor, horticulture, aerospace, life sciences and health, high tech systems and materials, ICT and cybersecurity.  

Zuid-Holland plays a big role in the energy transition. It is the Port of Rotterdam’s ambition to become Europe’s Hydrogen Hub. Finally, Zuid-Holland has high ambitions to contribute to the transition towards a circular economy through joining forces of its different relevant sectors.  

Zuid-Holland recognizes the importance of our youth in these transitions and therefore works closely together with our universities and other knowledge institutions. In order to better connect the work field and youth there are many triple-helix initiatives in which local businesses, knowledge institutions and government(s) work together. Many of these initiatives find their origin in the Human Capital Agreement of the Economic Board Zuid-Holland. This board consists of the most important business, knowledge and government parties in the economy of Zuid-Holland.